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What is high-quality feed grade manganese sulfate?



Manganese is an important trace mineral element in animals. Lack of manganese will lead to lower animal feed conversion rate and slower animal growth. Manganese sulfate is an important manganese supplement. Although there are many varieties of feed-grade manganese sulfate on the market, the quality varies. Today, I will introduce a manganese sulfate with good quality and reasonable price.

1. Manganese sulfate:

Manganese sulfate is distributed in all tissues in the animal body, with the highest concentration in bones, liver, kidney, pancreas and pituitary gland; but ruminant tissues and organs of pigs and chickens contain less manganese, only liver, spleen and bones contain more Manganese. It is an indispensable trace element in animal husbandry and fishery feed, which can prevent diseases, promote growth and improve nutritional quality.

2. Performance characteristics of manganese sulfate:

Manganese participates in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism through the action of enzymes in animals. Manganese participates in the formation of chondroitin sulfate that constitutes the bone matrix. Chondroitin sulfate is a component of organic matrix mucopolysaccharides. The hindered synthesis of chondroitin sulfate will seriously affect the osteogenic effect of cartilage in the body. Dietary manganese deficiency will seriously affect the growth and development of animal bones, resulting in damaged osteoporosis.

3. The advantages of Kangtai Chemical Manganese Sulfate:

The unique production process and drying method make the drying effect very good, without surface moisture residue.

Low moisture absorption, not easy to absorb moisture and appear false agglomeration.

Slight pink, good color.

The main content is high, the heavy metal is far below the national standard, the stability is not easy to absorb moisture, and the color is pure. It can be better digested and absorbed by the animal body when added to the compound feed.

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