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No need to buy nutrient solution for water-rich bamboo? One spoonful of ferrous sulfate is enough



In our lives, green is a symbol of hope and vitality. Our lives need green embellishments to be more vigorous. Therefore, keeping a few pots of green plants and flowers at home is a good choice, which can improve the whole family The grade still absorbs the good gas in the air and provides a better living space for the family. Among the green plants at home, the rich bamboo has always been a more popular kind, because it has a very high ornamental value, and it There is also the meaning of wealth and auspiciousness, so wealthy bamboo is also known as transfer bamboo.

Generally, there are two ways to grow rich bamboos in water and in soil. However, many people choose water breeding. Water-raised rich bamboos are very beautiful, but there is also a disadvantage, that is, yellow leaves are prone to appear. The bamboo method, water nourishes rich bamboo, no need to buy nutrient solution! Pour a spoonful of "powder" in, the branches can't stop it!

Water-fed rich bamboo, no need to buy nutrient solution, just pour a spoonful of powder, and this powder is ferrous sulfate powder. Many people keep ferrous sulfate in their homes. Its main function is to replenish blood, but it can not only replenish blood to the human body, but also replenish green flowers. Grinding it into powder for use in rich bamboos can make the water of rich bamboos acidic, acidic water quality, which is very helpful for the growth of rich bamboos, and it can also provide iron ions for rich bamboos, and then photosynthesize It can prevent the leaves from turning yellow and promote root growth!

The method of raising rich bamboo with ferrous sulfate is very simple. After grinding it into powder, mix it with water according to the ratio of 1:300, and then pour it directly into the vase. Use it once every 30 days for a period of time, it will be obvious Seeing the effect, the leaves of Fortune Bamboo not only did not appear yellow, but the color was also lush, especially emerald green. If properly maintained, it would not be difficult to make Fortune Bamboo bloom. However, the yellow leaves of Fortune Bamboo may be caused by various reasons. Therefore, we must pay attention to issues such as light, watering, temperature, and fertilization when we are caring for the wealthy bamboos. If the wealthy bamboos are not exposed to the sun for a long time, yellow leaves will also appear. Basking in the sun is also helpful to the growth of wealthy bamboo!

To sum up, if the family uses water to grow rich and precious bamboo, yellow leaves will always appear. At this time, don't worry, you don't need to spend money to buy a nutrient solution, just pour a spoonful of ferrous sulfate powder into the water. Once a month, persist for a period of time, the great white roots scream, and the branches can't stop it! In addition to this little maintenance technique, you should pay attention to the placement of the rich bamboo during normal maintenance. It is best to avoid placing the rich bamboo next to household appliances, because the heat and radiation emitted by the household appliances will also cause the rich bamboo leaves to turn yellow, so Be sure to pay attention to it, understand and learn more about some aspects of flower maintenance!

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